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You can book in your consultation using the contact form, you can send me an email or you can always call me 07779292962


First consultation


At your first consultation we will:

- Discuss your goals -
- Take weight and measurements -
- Discuss any medication you are using / health issues / allergies -
- Discuss your current diet -
- Plan your short, medium and long term goals -
- Perform a fitness test -
- Introduce you to the gym & equipment -
- Plan your next visit -

Your continuous journey


With you every step of the way...

Throughout your fitness journey, I will be here to support you both either face to face or over the phone.

Together we will work to meet and exceed your goals

Ongoing we will:

- Meeting as regularly as possible to exercise (generally once a week) -
- Set a weekly fitness plan -
- We will review and plan your ongoing diet to adapting it as your fitness changes -

Personal Training Pricing

Transparent pricing

1 x Session30 minutes1 Hour
1 member£20£34
2 members£34£55
3 x Sessions30 minutes1 hour 
1 member£57£95
2 members£96£160
x6 Sessions30 minutes1 hour 
1 member£110£178
2 members£180£310
12 x Sessions30 minutes1 hour 
1 member£209£336
2 members£340£600


Basic - £6 per weekPremium - £10 per week
A bespoke workout planA bespoke workout plan
A personalised nutrition planA personalised nutrition plan
Daily food logDaily food log
Access to meal ideasAccess to meal ideas
Meal prep recipes (to match your nutrition plan)
Results trackingResults tracking
Private messagingPrivate messaging
Phone support
Goal settingGoal setting
Monthly review of your progressWeekly review of your progress
Macro calculatorMacro calculator
Buy nowBuy now

You will receive weekly custom made workout plans which includes videos of how to expertly perform each exercise.

This workout will be progressive and will be designed just for you!

Before and during your workout you will be able to see videos of the exercise you are about to perform along side tips of how to get the most out of your workout.

Nutrition plans

Getting your nutrition right is essential to weight loss, maintainance or muscle gain.

You will receive a custom nutrition plan, broken down into macros (proteins, carbohydrates and fats)

Therefore it is important to keep to your daily macros as this is essential to achieving your goals.

Meal / recipe plans

In line with your nutrition plan, you will receive meal prep ideas to help you to hit your macros targets. (premium plan only)

Meal prepping can save not only save you time but also money. You will receive regular prep meal updates to ensure your diet stays varied, full of nutritional values and easy to make.

Results tracking

Each week, your progress is monitored to ensure you are staying safe in your diet and that you are on track to acheiving your fitness goals.

Results tracking ensures we can adapt your workout and diet plan to help maximise results.

Private messaging

Need some help with your diet or workout plan? Or do you have a question or need some motivation?

You can contact me via the fitness app.

App for iPhone or Andriod

How does it work?

Everything is done via the app. Once you receive your login details, you will be able to access your fitness plan, nutrition plan and meal prep ideas as well as the private messaging facility.

Ready to change your body?

I'm here to coach and guide you to your goal.
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