It’s time to switch to dog food

It’s time to switch to dog food

It's January... maybe it's time to try the dog food diet...

Now before you shoot out and grab for Bakers Complete for lunch, this article is to highlight the importance of food choices over fad diets.

It's that time of the year when normally the gym are heaving and people have started a fad diet to trim unwanted weight gain from Christmas and New Year, however, due of lockdown and local restrictions, most of the gyms are closed which leaves only one thing... panic dieting... but before you start the cabbage soup diet or procrastinate over keto, it's important to have a long term sustainable goal.

Any fast weight loss bought about by a fad diet will almost always result in extra weight gain when the diet is finished. It's the same as saving for a holiday, if you save and then spend all of your money on the holiday you would be back to square one (financially speaking). So, how do we make changes to our lifestyle to help keep the weight off?

1) How many calories do I need?

Each of us will need to consume a different amount of calories every day. Depending on you age, weight, height and amount you move every day will determine how many calories you need for weight loss, maintenance (static weight) or weight gain (normally for bulking/muscle growth)

You can count your workout your daily required calories here: Free Calorie Calculator

It is important to remember, this is a pinch of salt approached, any calculator is for guide purposes only, if you are not losing weight, you will need to consume fewer calories.

2) Know the macro split

What is a macro? Short for macronutrient, is the split of calories between, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In this article, I won't go in-depth with what the differences are between the 3 macros.

Now you know your daily calorie intake (step 1) you can now calculate your macros. The split in the sheet is

  • 50% of Carbohydrates
  • 30% of Fats
  • 20% of Proteins

Input your daily calories to see your split.

100g of Penne Pasta

352 Kcals

  • 12.4g - Protein
  • 71.3g - Carbohydrate
  • 1.9g - Fat

Source of information

100g of Dried Dog Food

357 Kcals

  • 24g - Protein
  • 44g - Carbohydrate
  • 14g - Fat

Source of information

1) A calorie is a calorie (Kcals)

Yes it is true, a calorie is a calorie, theoretically, you could eat 100 Kcals of Haribo or 100 Kcals of Potato, both are essentially carbohydrates, however, (glucose and insulin issues aside) the Potato will keep you fuller for longer and has more nutrients, so why choose the sweets?

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